Replication data

Replication Data – Coding frames – Inter coder-reliability tests

‘How to refuse a vote on the EU?’
1. Integrated Debate
2. Alceste Report
3. Codebook
4. NVivo-graphs
5. NVivo Node Report

‘Politically obligatory referendums in France and in the UK’
1. Codebook
2. QDA Miner/WordStat Graphs

‘Tracking Logics of Justification in Parliamentary Debates’
1. Codebook
2. QDA Miner/WordStat outputs

‘YouTube Video Comments on Chronic Pain’
1. Corpus of data
2. Data sources and Codes
3. Report

‘Focus Groups on Neuroenhancement: Attitudes and Practices among British Students’
1. Categories and Subcategories
2. Codebook
3. Inter-coder reliability Test
4. Qualitative Report

‘Debating Abortion: Deliberative Reciprocity and Parliamentary Advocacy’ 

‘In a Different Parliamentary Voice?’
1. Integrated Debate
2. Alceste Results

‘Coping with the Cornucopia: Can Text Mining Help Handle the Data Deluge in Public Policy Analysis?’
1. Consultation Responses Coded
2. Alceste Results