Text Analysis Resources

I. Introduction
 Pic intro
Lecture 1.pdf
Seminar 1:Overview and Presentation
II. Working with Text

Lecture 2.pdf
Seminar 2: Sampling & Unitizing

III. Thematic Analysis
Lecture 3.pdf
Seminar 3:Coding

IV. Classical Content Analysis I – Conceptual and Relational Approaches.
4. Classical CA I
Lecture 4.pdf
Seminar 4:Enumerative Content Analysis

V. Classical Content Analysis II – Forming and testing hypotheses about texts.
5. Classical CA 2
Lecture 5.pdf
Seminar 5:Classical CA II

VI. Dictionary-based Approaches


VIII. Exploratory Content Analysis
Lecture 8.pdf
Seminar 8:Exploratory CA

IX. Structural and Critical approaches I – Structural, Narrative, Rhetorical analysis and Semiotics.
Lecture 9.pdf
Seminar 9:Structural and Critical Approaches

X. Structural and Critical Approaches II- Conversation, Discourse and Critical Discourse Analysis.
Structural 2
Lecture 10.pdf
Seminar 10:The Meta-Galactical Model